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Look after your garden this winter

Clear up and shore up plants, Dead-head autumn-flowering plants and prune summer-flowering shrubs before the first frosts. Check structures are stable and if they aren’t then mend them now before high winds and snow do more serious damage.

Iceland poppies

icelandic flowers

You can plant the seeds on the top of a pot or copost seed bag the germination takes 14 days usually and try and mix in a measure of fine grit into the compost. The icelandic poppy with it beautiful yellow petals will flower between June and September.

Grow petunias

petunia flowers

Plenty of light is needed to grow petunias so ensure it is not planted in the shadows near a fence or wall border, use 15% vermiculite near the surface to cover the seeds. The petunias usually flower in late June to September.


Delphinium flowers

Before you start sowing the seeds, keep them in a fridge for 3 weeks then You will need to plant the delphiniums seeds thinly in trays of seed compost then keep temperatures at 15-21°C (59-70°F and germination wiil takes up to 28 days.


Geraniums flowers

Geraniums come in a multitude of beautiful colours, so the garden centers will have a wide range to choose from. to grow sow the seeds in small seed trays with compost only just place the seed below the surface and bury in compost with a dusting of grit too. They can take up to 12 days to germinate and will start flowering after the summer in October time.

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