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Look after your garden this winter

It’s exciting to be able to start sowing a variety of different seeds at this time of year, and to give them the best chance you might find that it's worth investing in additional kit, which we've suggested below.

It's such a good time to start prepraing to plant flowers and seeds in your garden at this time of year even though it can feekl like the wrong time as it's so cold out there. But brace the weather if you can ad prepare with this adiitional equip[ment which will help your plants become stronger in time for the summer months.

Cold Frames

Cold Frames

In the cold weather a lot of plants can be vulnerabke to the frost, cold frames help protect from the colder weather to a good extent, also can be more cost effective especially compared to greenhouses. they are also more easily moved and flexible in terms of setting up in a small or large garden.They can come in traditional wood frames and alos more modern metal and plastic dependant on your stye of garden. They really do allow your garden seeds to get off to the best start.

Trowel Tool

petunia flowers

A good hand trowel is a perfect all round tool to help plant new bulbs and seeds in the winter months, also great to help you mix any agregate compost, soil grit or what ever mix is appropriate to you at the time. It's good to ensure it has a two blade edge which wll aid you in ctting through roots. Some have a hammer handle which helps you to easily place in stakes and canes for your plants. Ensure the handle is comfy and sturdy

Plant pots

There are a range of different pots you can buy in this day and age, terecotta, plastic, stone and more recently recycled plastic and also biodegradable pots. Half a million estimated pots are sold every year so if they were recyclable that would mean a huge reduction on landfill. Using planter pots lessens your plants risk of catching a desease and also reduce the amount of pests or insects infiltrating and eating the leaves. Also forflexability it is great t6o move the plant pot round to different areas of the garden or balcony, if you need it to receive more sun or more shadow.


Greenhouse interior

A greenhouse is a great way of creating yopur own microclimate for your plants. You can grow anything from fruit and veg i even . as well as been able to control the temperature, it also harnesses the humidity alowing you to grow and sustain far more exotic plants and herbs. It also allows you to grow all year round. You can also vary the soil types easily in the plants own space and this really allows for flexibility of crop. Healthier plants are also thought to be a benefit as they thrive on a more consitant and controlled environment.

Heated propagators

Geraniums flowers

Some crops require a long growing period, which can be very challenging especially in the North of England. Using a heated propagators can help sustain this growing period for longer. There is a large range of heated propagators.

One of the biggest challenges is finding a powersupply if using outside, Most of us will use these insde the house, a large windowsill is a good spot. there are various types of heated propagators and some will even come with a self watering variety and also come with specially integrated lighting, depending on what your growing this can be really useful in speeding up the growth cycle of your plants.

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