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Prepare the first year

Warning - your newly stamped concrete is more vulnerable in the fist year, its so important you place down a good sealant to ensure its longevity

Seal It Up

Ensure you give the patterened concrete a deep clean before the weather gets really cold, ensuring all dirt and weeds are gone. After this you can start work on the sealant the sealant will help maintain the original colour of the stamped concrete when it was first or originally applied and will also help to hugely reduce general wear and tear of the concrete material especially where you may have a detailed design.please contact Avant gardens who can help with this process too

Dwinter flowers

Use sand instead of grit if you need to melt ice

We recommmend where possible, not to use salt to melt the ice of the concrete, depending on which one you use, some can be very coroosive over time ammonium nitrate is used in some products which can gradually corrode the concrete. If there is no alternative at hand and you still need to make good use of the drive then sand can make an effective alternative. sand can help maintain a good footing.

maintain a good winter drive

If you are going to use an ice melt product, be very careful which ones you choose. Even salt alone can cause stains – they typically look like hard water stains – but chemical products are even worse. Some will react with dyes in the concrete, irreparably bleaching your surfaces. And those products that contain ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate can actually eat away at your concrete, breaking it down and destroying the stamping. You can give us a call anytime for a product recommendation if you’re uncertain what to buy to deal with icy walks and driveways.

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Anyone looking to have their driveway done I would highly reccommend this company. My driveway is absolutely stunning and is far better than I could ever had imagined...