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Try growing carrots this time of year, especially if wanting a root vegetable. They're very easy to plant and quite robust too. You can grow carrots from the bedding or directly into pots, as they only need a small area within which to flourish. Carrots can be harvested all year round but appear to do better when started in March. Such a great source of vitamins and great with most meals they are such a popular garden crop.



A must for every good Roast dinner, these root vegetables are quite simple to grow and thrive in March/ §Spring time, they do take a fair few months to grow, the autumn been the ideal time to harvest them. The seeds are quite long, so leave about 15cm between each sow.When weeding around it don't use a spade or you may damage the root, hand weed instead.


potatoe growing

Very simple to grow, potatoes can be planted in trenches or in holes. Holes are possibly more appropriate for the gaden space. You can buy ‘seed’ potatoes (or tubers), from most Garden stotes, they usually certify to be bug and virus free.

Keep the plants well watered in dry weather – particularly once the Tubers are swollen, usually underground, parts of a stem or root used to store food by the plant. They have buds that can produce new plants. Examples are tuberous begonia, cyclamen, dahlia and potato. Potatoes benefit from a nitrogen rich fertiliser around the time of the second earthing up.

Broad beans

broad beans

You can grow broad bean seeds indoors from February and outdoors from March?April when the weather is warmer. They will be ready to pick come throughout the summer and are a great easy vegetable to grow, especially if the children are interested in learning. If growiung from seeds inddors, use small pots using seed compost with these are usually very low levels of nutrients that can harm the seed.



Suprisingly refreshing taste, the beetroot is so underestimated as a meal time alternative. So easy to grow it can be sowed in several times between March and July. They will take up little space in the garden and very easy to grow. It grows best in fertile, well-drained soil If it is a dry preiod, you may water every ten days approximately. It grows well in most organic compost and thrives with nutrients.

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