Patterned Imprinted Concrete

Select from an extensive colour range and a fantastic array of design styles that will enhance your property and add value to your home.

Stunning Colours & Designs:

Patterned Imprinted Concrete is a revolutionary new driveway material that enables you to design your Driveway, Path or Patio to your exact specification. It is weed and moss free, it is extremely durable, it can withstand heavy loads without sinking, and is also virtually maintenance free.

As with all our services our attention to detail and our construction specification and our top quality service set us apart from other companies.

Why choose Pattern 
Imprinted Concrete?

  • Select from a great colour range 
  • Select a design style that most compliments your project
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Weed Free 
  • Stain Resistant
  • Durable
  • Moss Resistant
  • Quick Hassle Free Installation
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Construction specification and procedure for a concrete imprinted driveway :

All workmen are employed by us, we do not use any sub-contractors. All workmen will be in uniform and we have a strict code of conduct.

Site excavation and preparation :

Site excavation will be carried out using a JCB and the spoil will be removed using Hi-Ab wagons

Site excavation will be carried out to allow an approximate depth of 250mm (10 inch)

A sub-base of approximately 125mm will be installed. The sub-base will be installed in 2 separate layers and will be compacted individually, this process gives a much stronger sub-base.

We install shuttering across the site to contain the concrete. The shuttering is secured using metal pins. The shuttering allows for an even depth of concrete to be poured thus avoiding any weak spots.

A layer of polythene is placed on the top of the sub-base and below the concrete. This stops damp coming up through the concrete. Damp can have a detrimental effect on concrete and the sealer, which is Acrylic. The polythene also stops the concrete drying out to quickly in the summer months.

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fine Patterened concrete driveways Liverpool

Construction and materials :

We pour our concrete at 125mm depth as standard (5 inch). The concrete we use is the correct type of concrete, this concrete is patented. It has a minimum of 320 kilograms of cement per M3, it is fibre reinforced and has air entraining agents. Our concrete specification ensures long term durability and resistance to freeze thaw cycles.

All of our concrete is pre-mixed and supplied by an accredited QSRMC supplier to ensure consistency and the highest quality product.

We use wall gels to cover brickwork and plastic sheeting to cover houses and paved areas.

When your concrete arrives on site it is installed, levelled, coloured, released and printed within 3 to 5 hours. (So I hope you see that it takes a highly skilled and experienced team)

Your new driveway is allowed to cure for two to three days / a little longer in the colder months.

We clean your new driveway with a high powered jet wash and a release agent chemical.

We acid wash your new driveway. This removes any stubborn release agent and gives the concrete a key, allowing the sealer to adhere to your drive better and avoiding flaking of the sealer.

We cut expansion joints and control joints.

We prime the drive with a base coat of sealer. This is called a mechanical coat, the primer soaks into the drive and gives the top coat of sealer a better surface to adhere to.

Your new drive is finished with a top coat of sealer. The sealer is Acrylic and is available in Mat, Gloss and High Gloss finishes.

As a standard procedure we add anti slip agent to all our top coats of sealer. (new drives or re-seals)

All products used by Avant Gardens & Driveways are the very best on the market.

The above procedure and construction specification has been written by Sean Mark Smyth ND & BA (hons) and is exclusively used by Avant Gardens & Driveways