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Growing herbs this spring

Most herbs are very simple to plant and grow inn early spring whether in a raised, bed, soil, or in pots. you won't need much to get started.



You can plant basil as early as February and keep planting until the summer month of July. They are ideal for pots, when harvesting don't chop the whole head of leaves but rather pick individual leaves as you need, it stays healthier this way. You can start growing them inside by the window so they are kept warm, when the weather gets a little warmer you can place the pots outside where they should thrive. its important to use a soil based compost.


Coriander growing

Coriender seeds can actually be used in pickles and used in currys, When sowing Try and use Well-drained fertile soil whether in pots or ground, make sure the plants have full access to the sun, although leaves may be more productive in part shade. The seeds can be planted from June to Septemberand harvest up until December!


Rosemary garden

Ideal for the sunday roast Rosemary is the perfect herb to compliement your roast lamb. Just grab a few of the leaves and garnish for a perfect finish. When planting the potted Rosemary seeds ensure they are well-drained, ideally place in neutral soil in full sun if the weather drops try to ensure it's kept in a sheltter to protect from the frost. Remove dead stems and weak growth in spring, prune after flowering to encourage bushy growth Fresh or dried leaves are used for flavouring, especially meat such as lamb. Fresh sprigs can be steeped in vinegar or olive oil

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