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Look after your garden this winter

Here's a quick guide on how we can help the animals prepare for the cold weather this winter.

Bird feeder

There is a good chance of seeing starlings, robins and sparrows in need in the frosty periods, depending on where you live in the Uk. A bird feeder is a perfect way of giving them nutrcious meals they may struggle to find this time of year. You can buy these from most garden centers including B&Q and Home base. The birds will really appreciate the energy gained in nuts and seeds as well as maintains their fat levels.

If pssible ensure you try and clean the bird table once a day, especially with the onset Bird flu that is going round this season. Berrys and wild fruit can be a great source of food, don't throw out in the rubish, leave out for the birds to feed on. These are great for small animals too, so may be worth leaving some on lower ground, On a log or large rock if you have one to your convenience.

Dwinter flowers

Don't be choppy in chopping down

A warm place is such an advantage for most creature especially when the temperatures hit minus. Try and leave some your perennial plants this year, they can make fantastic sheters for lots of different kinds of wildlife including insects. Logs too can make great habitat for insects, and can be great exercise for the children to do during the spring summer months so their hands don't get too cold.

Hedgehog homes

Even more creative would be constructing a hedgehog house out of wood, will provide great warmth and relief for our prickly friends and also would help to controlling slug and snail populations which may otherwise be eating our nice plants. Driveway in Liverpool

Amphibious home

You could try making a home for amphibians or repties, if you have any sapce left after creating a hedgehog neighbourhood, then dig a hole and back fill it with old broken logs, brcks or stones, this can be a dark murky soggy mess, but home sweet home for an amphibian.

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