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Allow your garden to flourish this March

Its Spring and the bulbs are starting to develop the temperature is rising, it's a great time to be outdoors in the garden and do a bit of maintenance, perhaps the decking and concrete drive needs a good brushing and cleaning, we'll look at a few growing ideas for complementing the patio at this time of year.

Weed early

weeding flowers

It's a great time to do a good recon of all of the flower beds, get your wellies on and start on one bed and complete thoroughly before moving on to the next ensure to ariaate the soil.

Add manure

petunia flowers

When complete, we always recommend adding a light dusting of manure or mulch, you can get from many supermarkets these days as well as your local garden shop. Around 2cm dusting should do, ready for planting.

Start planting bulbs

bulbs and flowers

What you choose to plant is down to your style of plant and garden but would recommend trying agapanthus or crocosmia, just from experience these are strong plants to start growing at this time of year. Agapanthus flower for virtually the whole summer to early autumn and work very well as a border plant, that thrives in the sun.


Geraniums flowers

Geraniums come in a multitude of beautiful colours, so the garden centers will have a wide range to choose from. to grow sow the seeds in small seed trays with compost only just place the seed below the surface and bury in compost with a dusting of grit too. They can take up to 12 days to germinate and will start flowering after the summer in October time.

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