How to clean oil off your driveway

Finding your nice new drive tainted with an oil spillage is a very unpleasant an inconvenient situation, but never fear there are ways in which you can solve this issue and clear up the mess and stain as quickly as it was made

Small oil stains - Coke fizzy

If your oil spill is a small area say over a meter squared then from expeience you may find pouring a 1 litre bottle of cola over the desired area the night before may help. Carefully from a low height slowly sprinkle the contents of the bottle over the spill. Sometimes we mix it in with a metal tool say an old spoon would be ideal. Leave it for over night and the next day dependant on the volume you should be able to rinse it off as the coke has mixed with the oil allowing a more solvent solution to be relieved.

Coke fizzy remove oil from tarmac

Soap and brush

It may have been your first though and this can be a solution to many oil spills on a driveway. The technique is ensuring you have a good old solid brush and a strong arm if you havn't when you start you will when you finish. As you'll need to persist in brushing a mix of warm water with a detergent and ensuring all areas of the spill are covered, you will feel like your getting nowhere for the first 5 minutes, but gradually the soap will penetrate the oil and break it down. leave this overnight and eventually the oil can be rinsed away with a hose.

Brush and soap to remove oil from tarmac

To remove Large oil stains from your drive

You'll need some chemically protective gloves and goggles for this as we find degreaser an effective solution for this type of stain.Apply the degreaser over the stained area, then leave for around 5 minutes depending on the size of the stain.

Get your Metal brush and with the protective gloves and goggles on scrub all over the area for 4 minues per square meter.

Now leave to settle for a further 3 minues to let the actions of the mix take effect

Now get your use water to flush the excess away ths may need a hose to extract all the overspill

If there is still some of the stain remaining repeat the actions again until all the stain has gone

Large oil spill remover degreaser