Concrete Cracking problem

What causes cracks in concrete slabs?

First appearance of cracks

Cracks can appear in your driveway with the day. It is so important to ensure all the correct preprations are put in place before and the correct treatment after to ensure having a crack free zone.

Primary cause

Most cracks are caused by :
  • Using a cheap curer
  • Using substandard mix

Cracks in the UK

Many people suffer with the nightmare of discovering a crack in their concrete drive or patio. Especially living in the beautiful conditions ok the UK, cracks won’t be helped by the climate and changing weather conditions.

Although there is a certain portion of cracks that can be put down to the quality of the concrete in most cases it is actually how the concrete is finished that is the more prevalent cause.

The way the concrete is mixed and the way it forms when it drys quickly can also be a cause for weaknesses in the concrete can allow for cracks in time.

A lot of people will never think they have cracks in the concrete, but most have they are just generally too small to see with the naked eye - Micro cracks can appear that again weaken the surface.

By not curing the concrete your driveway can really suffer the consequences and also at a much quicker rate. Curing reduces the concretes ability to crack by over 40%

The best way to solve this

Best was is to ensure the gap is closed as cold weather or freezing conditions can further increase the damage. and to do this Avant recommends a dry cement powder of the same pigment as the concrete it’s self. and brush it into the cracks, the additional water already in the concrete will then mix slowly with the powder and activate a natural seal.

Still need adavice about your driveway

When you think of the ways in which modern concrete has been used especially in modern architecture, you'll see there shouldn't be scope in getting a cracked finish, the materials used today have moved on a lot compared with 20 years ago. For more advice on how to solve cracking with your Patterned concrete please give us a call.