Benefits of Concrete Imprinting Compared to Paving / Block Paving

10 reasons why to use concrete over paving for your driveway

As a driveway / paving material concrete Imprinting is relatively new to the United Kingdom. Although saying that I think most people would be surprised to discover that concrete imprinting has been used in the UK for over 30 years and in the USA for far longer.

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The absolute number one reason for this is MAINTENANCE.Concrete Imprinting driveways require very little maintenance compared to a block paving driveway.

Maintenance free concrete


It is extremely durable and can withstand very heavy loads, hours of parking objects been dropped on it and everyday family use.

Durable patterned stamped concrete

Easy Cleaning

It is very easy to clean and if it does get dirty it requires no detergents or special cleaning solutions (Average drive 50 M2 take about 20 mins to clean)

weed free concrete


There's no doubt the true finish of concrete It looks fantastic straight after construction

concrete driveway aesphetics

Weed Free

It is weed free / resistant to moss because there are less permeable areas for seeds to infiltrate

Weed free concrete

Level and smooth

It will never sink, thanks to the build and structure of the foundation work

weed free concrete

Oil Resistant

It is resistant to oil staining

Oil free concrete paving

Colour and pattern range

There is a massive colour and pattern range to choose from

Colour pattern of concrete paving

The cost Benefit

And last but by no means least..... Contrary to popular belief, It is less expensive to install than most good quality block paviors (Approximately the same price as standard block paving)

Concrete paving cost
As a company Avant Gardens & Driveways decided to get involved in the concrete imprinting industry around 14 years ago. Over the last 5 to 10 years we have found that more and more of our cliental have switched from the more traditional materials such as paving and block paving to imprinted concrete.

We have also found that in the last 5 years or so that lots of people are using imprinted concrete for patios in gardens / replacing decking with imprinted decking and using imprint for areas to carry heavy loads such as hot tubs, saunas and summer houses. We have also found that concrete imprinting has become popular in gardens because of the greatly reduced maintenance required compared to products in a similar price range. (As well as all the other benefits listed above)

Maintenance free concrete
Maintenance free concrete

I have been in the Landscape industry for over 30 yrs and in my opinion there is no better product than imprinted concrete to put on a driveway and as far as patios paths ect concrete imprinting is a fantastic new alternative to the more traditional materials within the same budget.

Lastly and as with all construction but especially with concrete imprinting (caveat emptor / let the buyer beware). Concrete Imprinting is a specialist job and takes years to master. It needs to be installed correctly first time because once its laid its laid. I advise you take some time to read our construction specification, do some homework and drop us a line for a free no obligation quotation.